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Welcome to Teens Share Change

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Welcome to our first article! Today (November 11th) Teens 4 Change launched their news/media branch "Teens Share Change."

Teens Share Change was announced on October 22nd, and has been in the works for a few months. Right at launch, 3 departments will be ready, and fully finished, with another 2 departments coming later this year/start of 2022.

Our Team

TSC has a very diverse team, spread throughout all 3 departments. Our writers strive to give our readers fast and accurate news that will be available 24/7.

Our Technology Department features the best writers from "Simpli Tech" which merged with us Monday. Simpli CEO says "This is a big and important step for the teen news community, and all teen journalists. Teens 4 Change does an amazing job fighting for age political equality, and fighting for whats right. I have full trust in the leadership of Teens Share Change to keep our people (ex Simpli employees) on task, and thriving."

Teens 4 Change

Kasen Wooters - President of Teens 4 Change- says he is "Excited for what is coming, not only for this organization, but for other branches of the organization as well." and to "Look forward to some big changes coming, and new collaborations as we welcome in the new year."

Everyone here at Teens 4 Change, and Teens Share Change wants to thank you all for being here, and reading our first article. We look forward to providing news for all groups of people, and making content for everyone to Watch, Read, or Listen. Please make sure to check out articles from all our amazing writers, and departments.


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