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TSC Announces New Season of Teens Talk Change

On Monday (Feb. 7) Teens 4 Change President: Kasen Wooters announced on his personal social media that a new season of the Teens talk Change Podcast was "around the corner." Sure enough, the following Monday, (Feb. 14) Teens Share Change officially announced the new season.

You may remember, back in September of 2021, Teens 4 Change produced, and released a season of TTC, but has since switched ownership to Teens Share Change. TSC has deleted all past episodes, except for a pilot episode that aired separate from the main season in the beginning of September. The pilot episode was done with guest Alex Gruenenfelder, a candidate for LA Mayor. This episode gives us a hint at what the new season will look like.

Kasen Wooters has confirmed that he will be hosting the season, and has stated that it will be very similar to the pilot episode that is already out. Although we don't have an official episode roster, we can predict there will be around 5-8 episodes. We can confirm that the season is in post production, and should be out end of march.

When asking Kasen about the season, he said "We've been working hard (Production and I) to get this season produced, in a timely manor. I've been talking to amazing, and inspiring people over the last few months, and I cannot wait for everyone to hear it."

We asked him how the season would be released, and he said "episodes will be released weekly." Again, we don't 100% know how long the season will be, but we can assume it will last 5-8 weeks.

Although we don't have a release date, keep a look out for an official release date, by actively checking our social media.


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