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Should you get Microsoft Edge for IOS?

Source: Microsoft

Surely most iPhone users are highly dependent on Safari as their primary browser for years now. Many of the users have appreciated Safari's consistency and ease of use. However, from time to time some of the users may seek to look for changes on Safari, yet Apple still doesn't wish to implement those changes. Today we will review whether Microsoft Edge for iOS is a good choice and if it's worth trying on iPhone. Microsoft has been working for years now to make their browser experience better and simplified for use on various platforms including mobiles and tablets. They have taken initiatives to make sure low configuration to higher configuration devices are able to run Microsoft Edge continually without having issues.

I've been using Microsoft Edge for iOS for two weeks now and I can easily recommend it. The browser has common features inspired by it's desktop version and some of it's layout looks similar to Google chrome for iOS. I won't be talking about the common features that other browsers have but instead I will discuss some compelling features loaded in the browser.

Firstly, down at the bottom we have a menu option which allows us to use cool utilities. Microsoft has added direct buttons including 'image search' and 'read aloud'. Instead of using third party reverse image searchers, we can click the image search button and let Bing search the identical photos using it's AI formula. Read aloud is also a fun and handy feature that could help out reading passages while listening and benefit those who are visually impaired red or suffering poor vision. There are other utilities in the same menu bar but we found these two to be unique.

Just like desktop, we have four different types of page layouts. We can pick inspirational page layout for a minimal look, and includes nature as a background while keeping the page simplified. Informational option can be picked if people are used toChrome discovery such as reading news headlines from several sources below the search bar.

The browser also comes packed with a new feature called Defender SmartScreen which promises to protect downloads from malicious sites. This could be a feature that we don't expect Apple to bring easily. We can toggle the feature on/off from the settings. Hence if we are unknowingly downloading malicious files, this feature will prompt us a warning and stop us from getting the infected files on our iPhone.

Adblock Plus has been added by default for blocking ads while surfing on websites. Most browsers usually come with their own crafted ad blocker but I like how Microsoft allowed third party blocker instead. For privacy on the other hand, we have Tracking Prevention just like the desktop version. We can pick three different types of tracking options based on our needs and someone, for example, usually dealing with banking transactions could find themselves picking a strict option.

To wrap up, for a bit of change people may consider giving Microsoft Edge a try on their iOS devices. The default search engine could be changed to their preferences and some utilities could be useful, especially from menu bars. Microsoft accounts can be signed into to sync desktop bookmarks and ‘Send to Devices’ will let users bring mobility such as bringing current opened tabs between both on iPhone and Desktop.

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