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Oxford High School Dismissed Threats Before School Shooting

The 15 year old suspect has been charged in the Oxford with the following:

1 count terrorism

4 counts first-degree murder

7 counts assault with intent to murder

12 counts possession of firearm

Students and parents are both upset and angered with the school, stating ”The school saw the warnings, and did nothing” - Oxford High student. This email had gone out to parents and staff days before the shooting took place:

Photo: Oxford High student

Students say that the suspect had been posting “strange, and disgusting” photos on Instagram on the days leading up to the shooting.

Photo: Anonymous Student From Oxford High School

The suspect had also posted a picture of a gun, that was deleted shortly after the post was uploaded:

Photo: Anonymous student from Oxford High

The suspect had also posted a countdown on his Instagram story for 9 days, 9 days prior to the shooting. The story also included the warnings mentioned by the students, regarding the information saying ”the school had known.”

NOTE: the text on the photo was written by someone other than the suspect, or anyone on our team. The sender of this photo, sent the image directly to a writer on our team, and has asked to stay anonymous

A Michigan sheriff says the suspects parents were brought into a meeting the day before the shooting regarding ”concerning behavior.”

This information is subject to change, stay with us for updates on this situation.

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