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Opinion: The Nightmare Bill Is Among Us

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

The Downing Street bully, Margaret Thatcher’s reincarnated self, Priti Patel isn’t a favorite for the level headed of us, and her wet dream policy, the Policing Bill we recently talked about, which removes legality of many successful methods of protest, methods that have changed the world for the better, making them impressionable offences, resulting in a maximum sentence of 51 week, effectively a year in the box, is being considered to be written into law.

PHOTO CREDIT: DAZEDDIGITAL Priti Patel has always been a far right figure in terms of her policy relating to her position, well that’s her character anyway. To summaries one of our previous articles, “Is Priti Patel turning the UK into a Dictatorship”, which you should give a go, it’s a good read, Home Secretary Priti Patel has been using Boris Johnson’s spotlight of COVID law and Partygate controversy, to quietly cram more anti protest measures into the Policing Bill whilst we were otherwise occupied. No wonder she hasn’t been in the news recently! Well now this bill has reached the House of Lords, who will now debate and vote on the matter, to decide if it’s passed or not.

PHOTO CREDIT: THE INDEPENDENT If it is passed, it will remain the most offensive and liberty stripping law this country has faced. If it is not passed, we will retain our right to protest and demonstrate for what we truly believe in.

It’s a shame that protest in this country has faded from view. There are occasional social media-organized peaceful protests, but we remember back in the day, 1990, Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government attempted to introduce a new poll tax to change the way local governments were funded in Britain. A whopping 200,000 people turned up in London, demonstrating against the tax. Soon turning into a riot, 113 people were injured, 339 people were arrested. These protests and riots contributed to Thatcher’s resignation, and it worked! Margaret Thatcher resigned soon after, and her predecessor John Major repealed the change to taxes soon after his election.

Protests have been performed to act against and remove protected statues of slave traders, erected in the day they were considered heroes.

These protests were vital to stop government control of our money and our resources for their own benefit. A violent protest is never needed and it’s really a shame people were injured and arrested in these demonstrations, but a peaceful protest shows the will and want of the people, to fight for what they need and deserve.


Our way of protest is soon to be outlawed of this bill goes through . Politicians supporting the bill may say the useful explanation given by @simplepolitics on Instagram, shows the bill to be selective of certain methods of protest that are harmful to the economy, which in a way is understandable, however when truly considered, you realize they come down to legal protests becoming, quiet gatherings of people on the pavement.

The government are making us a non-issue, by passing laws oppressive laws that attack our rights as British citizens.

Protest is an incredible tool that really gives us, the people, a voice that the-powers-that-be truly can’t ignore.

Who knows where this goes next, because once we can’t fight against it, it’s only a matter of time before they take away basic human rights because we can’t do anything about it.

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