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Opinion: Boris Johnson Really Is As Stupid As He Thinks We All Are

For those unaware, the Prime Minister is taking the public for a ride with his own and the rest of the Conservative's constant celebrations, or shall we say, with massively emphasized quote marks, “business meetings”. The prime minister has repeatedly told the public, in more ways than one, that:

• No parties took place.

• He doesn’t know about any parties.

• Any parties that took place broke no COVID-19 rules.

(But remember, no parties took place so that's ok, but you know, just in case… Wink wink)

Photo: The Sunday Mirror

Boris Johnson was recently photographed at what appears to be a Christmas quiz with his colleagues. During an interview with Sky News, Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi states that Mr. Johnson was on a virtual call which respected the lockdown rules in place, despite the fact that he is clearly pictured less than a metre away from the person next to him. He also defends the photo of this party, stating that people can make up their own minds on the photo.

Overall support for the Prime Minister, following the slowly increasing outbreak of scandal after sleazy scandal, has plummeted, with a large majority (64%) of voters believing he is incompetent, and his general confidence being pounded through the floor (22%).


Keir Starmer, Leader of the Opposition, has voiced his starkly accurate opinions on the matter during the Andrew Marr show, stating "He has damaged his authority, he is now so weak, his party is so divided - he can't deliver the leadership this country needs,”. A true thought on the matter, bringing up the fact that he continuously tries to deceive the public into disliking the NHS by purposefully misallocating funds, and outright lying to us about breaking his own laws.

"He is the worst possible leader at the worst possible time”.

It truly is the case… Boris Johnson really does, to put it bluntly, take the p*** when facing the public on his continuous sleaze rampage, treating us like idiots.

Video: The Independent/Independent TV

Jake Phillips, World News/UK Politics, TSC

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