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New ‘Windows SE’ Announced

Image credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has decided to release a lite version of their operating system very much identical to the new Windows 11 interface. This version of the operating system would be competing with ChromeOS which is currently being used for light tasks among school students. Microsoft is planning to deploy the operating system on budgeted laptops manufactured by ASUS, ACER, HP, LENOVO and others. Therefore, the operating system is expected to work flawlessly with minimum spec configuration i.e lowest 4GB RAM or low clock speed CPUs are not expected to have any impact.

Within the operating system, you may expect to see Microsoft 365 programs with their cloud based integration mainly instead of relying on programs. Other apps might be expected to come preinstalled like Zoom or Google Chrome etc. However, it is highly likely that the new operating system won’t come with the Microsoft store but rather some third party apps will be available under school provisions or the IT experts of your work organization.

Within the operating system itself, Microsoft has implemented minor changes. You can launch an app with full screen and multi task with only two applications or programs can be tested side by side but not more than twice. It makes sense since this version of the operating system is meant for light use. From the personalization settings, there’s a new vibrant wallpaper backed with pattern design from Windows 11 blued flower wallpaper.

Microsoft SE is not meant for power use. We don’t expect people to operate it as a powerhouse because the spec configuration is pretty low and the OS itself has limitations and functions meant for schools and students.

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