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Michigan Approves New 13 Seat Congressional Map

On Tuesday (December 28th) Michigan's first Independent Commission approved its new congressional map. Michigan lost a seat in the house this year, due to population, meaning this map took a while to produce, and approve. Michigan now has a total of 13 seats, which is down one from Michigan's last map with 14 seats.

Michigan's Old Map:

Photo: FiveThirtyEight

Michigan's New Map:

Photo: FiveThirtyEight

The Commission voted 8-5 on the "Chestnut Map" which is the map shown above. Overall, this map had the support of both Democrats and Republicans. The map has one pending lawsuit, targeting the southeast part of the state, regarding districts targeting black voters.

Republican lawmakers have been arguing over who should run in each district, more in depth responses and reactions to come.

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