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How To Find Your IPhone Region

Indeed some of us are quite fortunate to have an official Apple retail store in the place we live and go worry-free during the purchase. However, in many regions, Apple didn’t prepare any plans for opening stores despite strong demand and sales like in Saudi Arabia or Egypt. Despite having Authorized Apple resellers, some consumers have trust issues and worry about regional support for their iPhone. If you’re one of few consumers who is eager to know your iPhone region, you’ll get the answer right down below and of course, you won’t need a desktop for this.

First move into Setting>General>About> Model number

Within the model number, check out the last two letters before the slash / ‘xx’

The below list of region codes will determine your iPhone region:

CH - China

AB – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt

KH - Korea

J, JP - Japan


X - Australia, New Zealand

ZP - Hong Kong and Macau

DN – Austria, Germany, Netherlands

QN – Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway

QL – Spain, Italy, Portugal

A - Canada

B - Ireland, UK

I bought my iPhone 13 Pro Max in the Middle East from a local electronic store but after checking my model number, it clearly shows my region is based in Hong Kong and Macau (ZP) indicating that the seller probably imported it.

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