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Here Is Everything That We Know About The iPhone SE 3

Apple is holding its first event of the year on March 8, and the main products we expect to see are the iPad Air, the iPhone SE 3, and a Mac.

(Image: Apple) Well, here is everything you need to know about the new iPhone SE.

Just like the second generation of iPhone SE, the design will be based on the iPhone 8. Home button, 4.7” display, 1 camera, you know what it looks like. But, each model comes with some upgrades under the hood. In this case, it's under the display after you unscrew some screws and heat up the edges of the display and pry it open and disconnect it. Then, you can see the internals. That's what's being upgraded.

Boring news

Anyways, out with the jokes and in with the news. The iPhone SE 3 is supposed to feature the same design as the iPhone 8, and the colors will be white, black, and red. Storage options could be different, with Apple adding an option for 256GB. Right now, the options are 64GB & 128GB.

News you care about

5G is expected to come to the iPhone SE, which will definitely drain the battery. Also, we expect to get the A15 chip. And that's about all the exciting news we have.

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