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Doja Cat Releases New Music With Tyga

On Friday, Tyga released new single "Freaky Deaky" featuring Doja Cat.

Photo: Tyga

Freaky Deaky will be Tyga + Doja Cat's second collaboration, after their first hit "Juicy"


Juicy originally released in 2016, but got its remix with Tyga in 2019.

On top of the release of Freak Deaky, the Rapping Duo released a music video which can be found here.

The song is rumored to start playing on the radio March 8th, 2022, after a leaked image from @Dojasgallery was posted on twitter.

This shows that the new song is set to impact US Rhythmic Radio on the 8th.

You can add and download the song to the platform of your choosing using this link here.

Song Rating: 8/10


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