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Apple Is Working On A New Mac That Could Release On Tuesday

Mac Studio

(Image from Apple)

Apple is supposedly developing a new Mac called the Mac Studio. It is based on the Mac Mini but with much better hardware. According to 9to5Mac, there are 2 versions of the Mac Studio with one of them having the M1 Max chip, and another with a chip even better which is not the M2 chip.

The internal codename is “J375,” and this product will sit in between the Mac Mini and Mac Pro. Earlier this year, Mark Gurman said Apple is working on a smaller Mac Pro with 40 CPU cores and 128 GPU cores which I believe is the Mac Studio. The Mac Studio could replace the Mac Mini with the trash- oops, I'm sorry, Intel chip.

The name also makes sense considering that Apple is also working on a display called the “Apple Studio Display”.

Apple announced its first event of the year “Peek performance” which is supposed to launch a new iPad Air, iPhone SE, and a Mac. The Mac we expected to see was the Mac Mini, but the way things are pointing, we may actually see this Mac Studio.

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