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2022 Black Friday Deals and Steals

Last year we did our first ever Black Friday deals article. We are pleased to be back with another! Since it is officially Black Friday season, here are our top 3 steals and deals of the season!

(Article Photo Source: USA Today)

  1. Amazon

(Image Source: NBC News)

Each year Amazon tends to mark down their own devices by a pretty large percent. This year is no exception. You can get up to 70% off of select Amazon devices today for Black Friday. This is likely the best deal of the day.

2. Apple

(Image Source: Apple Inc.)

It's not often Apple gives you money to shop with them. That's why this year's Holiday Shopping Event is different from the rest. Apple is giving away up to $250 in Apple gift cards depending on which product you purchase. The amount on the gift card is dependent on which product you buy, items like AirPods will only get $75 with them while the MacBooks will reach up to $250. Shop the whole event here.

3. Target

(Image Source: Target Corporate)

Each year, Target seems to step up their Black Friday game. This year fits perfectly with the trend. Target is price matching any sales made before Black Friday, and will refund the difference on any transactions made during the qualifying period. Target has so many amazing deals such as a "Buy 2 get 1 Free Vinyl, Book, and Movie" deal (yes, you can mix and match!). Target also has great deals on clothing such as up to 40% off most clothing items. You may also be able to snag up to 60% off video games for Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo consoles! All of these Target deals are in-store AND online!

We understand there are many more deals out there, but these three sites stand out to us the most. All deals listed are in-store and online deals. We want to remind everyone to stay safe while out shopping, and we wish everyone luck! Happy shopping!

Do you plan on Black Friday shopping? Let us know!

Do you plan on Black Friday shopping? Let us know!

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