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About Us

A teen led political organization, working to get teens involved in politics

Hi! We are Teens 4 Change, and we are so exited to have finally launched this organization! If you're reading this, that means we have been working on this for MONTHS! We are a group of teens, who recognize what's going on in the US, and other countries is bad! We will fight to get more progressive candidates in office. In order to do that, we need your help! Fill out the form down below, to join us and volunteer with us to help our endorsed candidates win their elections!

On behalf of everyone on our team, Thank You. We look forward to working with you. If any candidates need any advertising/endorsing from us please fill out the endorsement form or get in touch!

Join us, and help us campaign for progressives/liberals up and down the ticket! With a new election cycle coming up (2024) we will start endorsing candidates! Feel free to make recommendations on who to endorse, as we don't know everything about all candidates, or know all the candidates running for office. When you fill out the"join the campaign" form, write a message of some candidates you want us to endorse! Of course you don't have to, its just an option for us to learn about some more candidates! If you don't feel like volunteering, please fill out the endorsement form!

General Members!

To become a general member, and get your own member number, please press here!

Teens Share Change Applications
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