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Do you want to host a virtual campaign event? If so, please email!

What would I be doing? You would be the host of a virtual room, and have as many friends (or make it public. We can get more people for you) as you can, volunteer with you! You can choose from one of our endorsed candidates, or we can pick for you based on who needs the most help! We will get you all the links that you need, once you email us, we will reach out and ask you any info we need! This is when you would want to ask questions! After hosting a virtual room, you will receive a certificate! 


Volunteering with us is simple! All you have to do is tell us who you want to volunteer with, or we will help you decide! Once you know who you're going to volunteer with, we will get you all the links you need! You can choose to Phone Bank, Text Bank, or even go Door to Door! (if you live in that area!) you can fill out the form on this page, and if you have any more questions you can email! If you want to volunteer for someone who we have not endorsed (still in primary/still many democratic candidates left for that office) please email us, and we can see why we haven't endorsed them, or, if we have never heard of them we will look into endorsement! For the endorsement form go here! 


By clicking the image below, it will bring you directly to THE democratic donation website. Please don't feel pressured into donating, just volunteering helps so much!

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