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Endorsements will be back later this year.
-Holly McCormack

For GA #14

-Hillary Scholten

For MI #03

-Alex Gruenenfelder

For LA Mayor

-Mark Pinsley

For PA State Senate #16

-Jonathan Hildner

For TX #31

 2022 State Endorsements

Moreno Valley mayoral candidate

  • Ulises Cabrera (election in 2022)


CA congressional district 25

  • Christy Smith (election in 2022)


CA congressional district 48

  • Harley Rouda (election in 2022)


Assembly district 25

  • Alex Lee (election in 2022)


Assembly District 60

  • Sabrina Cervantes (election in 2022)


1st district


2nd District: 

3rd District:


4th District:

5th District: 


US Senate:



Lt. Governor: 

  • Susan Bysiewicz


PA Supreme Court 

  • Maria McLaughlin 


PA Commonwealth Court 

  • Lori A. Dumas

  • David Spurgeon


PA Superior Court 

  • Timika Lane


Judge of the Court of Common Pleas 

  • Tiffany Michelle Thomas-Smith


Sheriff of Bucks County 

  • Mark E. Lomax


Central Bucks School Board

  • Jenine Zdanowicz

  • Mariam Mahmud

  • Rob Dugger

  • Tabitha Dell'Angelo

  • Diana Leygerman


Bucks County Controller 

  • Neale Dougherty


Bucks County District Attorney 

  • Antonetta Stancu


Newtown Township Supervisor 

  • Elen Snyder 

  • David Oxley

Endorsement Suggestions/Application

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